01. He was shot in the stomach, but luckily the bullet didn't hit any [vital] organs.
02. It is absolutely [vital] that our computer systems be upgraded.
03. It is [vitally] important that he take good care of himself if he doesn't want to fall ill again.
04. The victim was able to give the police [vital] information about her attacker.
05. The port is of [vital] importance to American military interests.
06. Averil Coxhead has noted that feedback is a [vital] part of the language-learning cycle.
07. She wants to be an elementary school teacher, so it is [vital] that she enjoy being with children.
08. Aaron Levenstein once remarked that statistics are like bikinis. What they reveal is suggestive, but what they conceal is [vital].
09. It is [vital] that food supplies be brought to the area immediately or hundreds of thousands of people will die of starvation.
10. Access to cheap oil is [vital] to this country's economic development.
11. It is [vital] that I speak to Mr. Sangha before he makes a decision in this matter.
12. Friendships are [vital] to good health.
13. The making of artworks is both a persistent and [vital] aspect of the experience of being human.
14. Availability of water is [vital] to all plant and animal life.
15. Schools play a [vital] role in orienting children to their society.
16. Education is [vital] to the cultural life of a society.
17. Shipbuilding is a [vital] part of the Greek economy, providing over 100,000 jobs.
18. In Indonesia, many things in nature are believed to contain a [vital] energy or life force.
19. Village festivals in Guatemala provide a [vital] function by bringing together family members.
20. The many ferries along the Congo River are a [vital] link in this region where roads are few and are frequently impassable.
21. Studies show that [vital] vitamins and minerals have dramatically declined in many fruits and vegetables today, due to modern farming methods.
22. The ozone layer is [vital] to life because it blocks dangerous radiation coming from the sun.
23. Proper nutrition and regular exercise are [vitally] important in maintaining a health body and mind.
24. A healthy diet will give you improved [vitality].
25. Continuing to use your brain will help to maintain your intellectual [vitality] as you age.
26. The reforms introduced by the President have contributed a great deal to the current [vitality] of the economy.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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